Commercial / Industrial

With MK Building Group’s substantial experience in commercial and industrial construction, we have the specialised capabilities to deliver a full range of commercial and industrial building projects. From simple warehouse developments to complex commercial renovation projects, we use the latest construction techniques and technologies, such as lightweight to structural concrete, to deliver project efficiency and client peace-of-mind.

Our Commercial Expertise

As manufacturing processes and logistics become more and more sophisticated, and new environmental and process efficiencies are developed, warehouses and factories must keep up. Our industrial buildings are designed and constructed to meet the complex needs of today and adapt to the changes of tomorrow.

Incorporating offices, retail spaces and apartments, our multi-use constructions deliver quality assurance to a diversity of needs. MK Building Group designs and builds functional yet aesthetically pleasing multi-use complexes that maximise investment return by carefully analysing and integrating the requirements of owners, tenants, residents, office workers and retail customers.